The NRLA offer advertising banners on their Weekly and Monthly Bulletin E-newsletters

E-newsletters offer the following benefits:

Readership figures are guaranteed, accurate and transparent. The database is updated before every mail-out to ensure that they are received by an engaged and qualified list of recipients.
Unique open rates are on average over 35% – way above the industry average (with total open rates higher still, as content is share among members and friends).
Advertising is trackable and therefore offers quantifiable results and ROI.

Monthly Bulletin E-newsletter

The NRLA  produces a monthly Bulletin e-newsletter sent directly to 56,000 landlords summarising all their content that month. We offer three banners per email (which will also feature on the Bulletin web page) which click through directly to your website

Banner requirements

For the email: 
600px wide x 200px high

For the website site: 
600px wide x 200px high (mobile)
1300px wide x 130px high (desktop)

Weekly Bulletin E-newsletter

The weekly e-newsletter features stories of the week and is sent directly to 56,000 landlords packed full of content . We offer one banner per email that clicks through directly to your website

Banner requirements

600px wide x 200px high

Tom Fountain

Sales Director

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Tony Hopkins

Senior Partnerships Manager

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Albert Hunt

Partnerships Manager

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