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    Benenden Health
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    Content, Magazine, Email, Online, Video, Commercial
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    Print, Online, Email
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Benenden Health is a mutual healthcare society with a membership of more than 800,000 people in the UK. Benenden’s quarterly print magazine, Be Healthy, is mailed to more than 350,000 households with an aim to: engage readers and communicate the benefits of Benenden membership, and encourage healthy living and offer everyday wellbeing tips in an accessible manner

The Be Healthy team have created a magazine that grabs the attention of customers and adds value to their membership. At the core of this approach is the intention to make all of the content accessible, entertaining and helpful.


At the end of 2019 the team refreshed the magazine with new editorial sections featuring single-page, bite-sized chunks of information, offering value to readers with simple health hacks.


When Covid struck we were just about to send their latest issue to press. As the implications of lockdown began to sink in several parts of the magazine started to look seriously outdated. Our cover with an image of two people hugging, a piece about walking groups and our multi-page feature on healthy holidays had all suddenly become obsolete.


The team tore up the existing content plan and reworked most of the magazine with just days to go to press. Out went the friendly couple on the cover to be replaced with a new ‘find wellbeing indoors’ message, our walking feature was retooled with information on how to check the latest health guidelines and the healthy holiday feature was replaced with a timely ‘health at home’ piece. Although this was a tremendous amount of work, made even more difficult due to staff relocating to home, the end result was the right one.

The issue also featured advice on staying healthy at home – both physically and mentally – offering real value for readers. We expanded on this in the following issue talking about Benenden’s response to the pandemic and providing more practical advice for members. At a time when good health has never been more important Be Healthy has worked hard to offer the best advice in an engaging, accessible and meaningful way. 

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