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The biggest content mistake that membership bodies make is to publish a print magazine in isolation from other communication channels. Members want different types of information from a variety of channels at a time that suits them best, not a monthly magazine containing ‘news’ that is largely out of date. Dealing with Brexit has proved that print publications cannot keep change with an information agenda that can change on an hourly basis. So then, what is the role of a magazine for today’s members?

To provide value to members today’s association need to make sure that they are delivering relevant, useful, entertaining and actionable content across all channels.

A magazine no longer sits on its own. A print publication is just one stand of each organisation’s overall communications, which include email, social, PR, events and online content.

When Think was brought in to relaunch Environmental Health News for CIEH in 2019 we knew that CIEH needed a strategy that focused on all of its communication channels and delivered real engagement.

Our objective was not just to reimagine EHN but to make sure that it was meeting a real need. Following reader research found that the print magazine was valued by members as a tangible benefit of members but that readers found some of the content old-fashioned and out of date. Our aim was to create a print magazine that provided content that took advantage of the medium with clear calls to action integrated with the overall member journey. Alongside this we reimagined the magazine’s email newsletter, using it to draw people to the CIEH site while directing them to relevant events and resources.

Challenges and More

We relaunched EHN with a new tone of voice and a fresh approach to imagery that mirrored the modern face of the organisation and the concerns of the profession. We wanted readers to feel part of a community with a shared purpose.

Think’s editor Sarah Campbell built a content plan that encompassed the magazine, email and digital communications, leveraging the power of the EHN brand and connecting it to CPD, events, conferences and services. Sarah has built a team of contributors and member voices to make sure content is relevant, grabs attention and is created with a clear understanding of its objectives.

A new editorial panel that includes key CIEH stakeholders and EH practitioners has ensured that content goes beyond what CIEH wants to say by covering the topics that members want to hear about.

Features have been designed to reflect the membership and offer valuable information (for example the legal section goes beyond reporting cases to offer practical advice and valuable takeaways). Infographics, boxouts, charts and short interviews add pace and allow the publication to cover a wide range of topics.

We have implemented a new digital strategy, shuttering an unloved magazine microsite and integrating content within the main CIEH site and linking that content to relevant CPD materials and upcoming events.


Feedback from members has been exceptionally positive, with many taking to social media to praise the new magazine and applaud our use of a compostable wrapper.

Following the redesign, members say that EHN is the most valuable part of their membership, with this KPI increasing by 18%. Members rating the magazine content as ‘excellent’ have increased by 13% and those rating the overall value of the title as ‘excellent’ have increased by 25%.

Redesigning the newsletter EHN Extra has achieved an increase in CTR of 54%. We have seen substantial improvements across all metrics when comparing Q4 2018, before the newsletter was relaunched, with Q1 2019. Open rates increased by 17% and click-to-open (CTO) rates by 22%. We have seen an overall increase in unique clicks of 20%.

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