At the end of 2022, Think set out to do something no other content agency had done before

– unite both B2C and B2B client membership organisations from across the UK in a campaign to change lives.

Charities and professional membership organisations are driven by the desire to make a meaningful difference. So, when we secured government funding to promote the Priority Services Register (PSR) – a free register run by utility providers so they can prioritise those with additional needs if there is an interruption to essential services – we launched a campaign to harness the strength of their collective voice and start a movement.

Project Type Multi-channel campaign
Services Strategy • Content • Digital • Print • Video • Animation • Social media
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 The thought process

Signing up to the PSR alone will never make headlines.

So, in partnership with Cadent, we set our sights on a more ambitious message.

The PSR exists to help vulnerable people live independently and safely at home, but part of the problem with the uptake of registrations is the stigma surrounding the concept of vulnerability. What if we, through our clients and their members, could tackle this stigma head on, put the ‘ability’ into vulnerability, showcase people in vulnerable situations living independent lives and demonstrate that taking advantage of available services can genuinely enrich lives?

And so, the We Are Able campaign was conceived, with a mission to empower people with additional needs to feel more confident at home. There’s no single source of information for those needing practical advice centred around independent living at home, so we set out to build it.

Combining case studies, checklists, how-to guides from trusted partners and resources such as the Priority Services Register (PSR), the campaign centres around a comprehensive and accessible content hub. By partnering with our clients and charities, including STEP, the Association of Optometrists and the National Residential Landlords Association, we’ve brought together different communities to share the campaign message.

“It’s great to be involved in a campaign that enables us to help people feel safe and independent at home. We’re excited to see the campaign already gaining momentum and can’t wait to see just how impactful it is.”

Ben Beadle,
A photo of Hasy and Louise, We Are Able case studies
Credit: Louise Haywood-Schiefer

 Our Impact

The campaign will run throughout 2023, but early results demonstrate we’re plugging a knowledge gap

– and increasing those all-important PSR sign-ups. The soft launch just before Christmas reached more than 15,000 and the launch itself went on to reach 53,000. In two months we have already surpassed our 2 million target, with our social media influencer campaign hitting 6 million impressions in that time. 

16 million people reached so far (May 2023)
1.6 million views on an influencer’s TikTok
496 sign-ups to the campaign newsletter
10 partners - and counting!