Petplan is one of the UK’s biggest pet insurance companies.

Founded by animal lover Patsy Bloom, Petplan focuses firmly on providing the best care to pets, as well as expert knowledge and support to pet owners.

In order to help them achieve this, Think started working with Petplan in 2020 with a brief to improve engagement in their partner and customer emails, audit and update existing articles, and help provide an umbrella view of the content they produced.

Project Type Newsletter programme relaunch
Services Strategy • Content • Email
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 The thought process

Following the spike in new pet ownership at the beginning of 2021, Petplan wanted to improve their newsletter programme.

They wanted to meet the needs of new pet owners looking for advice and support, while also increasing engagement, retention and advocacy among their customer base.

Think set to work coming up with fresh, innovative content ideas to keep Petplan’s customers informed and engaged. What resulted was a high-performing newsletter content programme delivered straight to members’ inboxes six times a year.

Rather than just focusing on typical content pieces, we showcased high-quality illustrations, in-depth informative articles, videos, and interactive quizzes and polls. Petplan’s content is now also firmly led by data insight, with a rolling testing programme to inform tailored content for different customers. 

We worked with Petplan to respond to insights around what content works – moving from real-life stories to ‘curiosity content’, based on the data provided. These learnings have allowed us to provide content for Petplan that consistently gets results.

“I absolutely love receiving Petplan newsletters! They’re always full of interesting articles and I learn some very good information – some of which has proved to be essential in keeping my 18-year-old cat, Kylie, in tip-top condition. Some of the information is lifesaving.”

Feedback from a newsletter recipient
Petplan articles
Petplan newsletter in action, on a tablet

 Our Impact

By continuous monitoring of data, we’ve created a newsletter programme that Petplan’s audience loves.

Data insight allowed us to uncover that pet owners wanted to understand and become more confident with their pet, so that’s the content we’ve continued to develop, improve, and deliver. 

Petplan’s content now garners great engagement via time on page and click rates from emails, showing that in-depth analysis of user behaviour has really paid off. Newsletter engagement continues to grow, alongside a far greater visibility for Petplan in search engine result pages. 

In a market flooded with new, low-cost insurance providers, we’re confident we’re meeting our brief of cementing Petplan’s place as the provider of best care for animals – and their improved newsletter programme certainly demonstrates this.

2.9 million sessions via organic search for pet advice content in 2022
1.6 million unique page views to pet advice articles
4% increase in web sessions from email YoY
15% decrease in bounce rate YoY
114% average time on page increase YoY
123,579 page views on the Pet IQ test for cats and dogs